It is a very familiar scene when you know that you have certain important messages in your Yahoo mailbox- but somehow you cannot access them. There is a huge probability that you have entered the wrong Y! mail credentials. The other chance is you have forgotten your Yahoo mail password. Well, if that is the situation do not panic. There is always a way out. Here, in this blog, we will talk about the possible ways to reset Yahoo password

Reset Yahoo Password

When you are here, then let me assume that you have made certain attempts to recover the Yahoo mail forgotten password and you have failed some way or the other. So, What’s next?

There is nothing to worry about. Here I have shared some of the easy hacks that will come in handy. If these do not help, then you can always get in touch with our tech help. This time we will work out together to reset Yahoo password.

Strategies To Reset Yahoo Password

Well, regarding this context there are several strategies to reset Yahoo password recovery. Again at the same time, it is only possible for a tech-genius to follow these strategies. Then what will a large number of regular users do who lack the technical know-how?

As I said there is no need to worry. There is always a way out. I have mentioned below some of the strategies to reset the Yahoo password that can be followed by all the users.Reset yahoo password with phone number

  • Yahoo password recovery with Phone Number
  • Yahoo password recovery with Email Address

Some people do have the misconception in their mind that there is a third strategy to recover the Yahoo password. And that is with the help of answering the security questions.

Possibility To Reset Yahoo Password  With Security Question

Certainly, the possibility is null. In the last few years, with the launch of the different new versions of Yahoo mail, several things have changed. Earlier, this third option was available and users could regain their access to the Yahoo account answering the security questions.

Unfortunately, this option is no longer available to the users. There are only two strategies that the common users can make use of to recover their forgotten Yahoo mail password.

Will The Same Strategies Work If Yahoo Password Is Hacked?

Yahoo Password Recovery- password hackedOnce you have recovered your Yahoo account password either with the recovery phone number or with the alternate email address and recover the hacked email account, the foremost priority remains to enhance the security of your Yahoo account as early as possible.

Have a word with our Yahoo Customer Support team to resolve this issue instantly. Call out tech support team at our toll-free number 1866 3344 2255


Implementing either of the strategies, if you are successful to reset Yahoo password then it is well and good. If still, you have any glitches for Yahoo password recovery then do not delay and get in touch with our Yahoo Customer Support. Drop us a line specifying your issues in details. We will get back to you as promptly as possible.

You can also directly chat with our Yahoo mail tech experts over Yahoo Live Chat. If you need the immediate tech support to reset Yahoo password then simply call us at our toll-free number 1866 3344 2255. We are here 24*7*365 to serve you in the most cost-effective manner.